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Neuvin offers complete range of Telemetry Products and Services in collaboration with our world class OEMs.
Our manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing Space, Airborne and Ground based telemetry products. Our OEM is tested and reliable source for the Aerospace and Defense Industries
The products for Ground Stations and Satellite Communication:
  • Telemetry Transmitters
  • Digital Transmitters
  • Video Transmitters
  • FSK Transmitters
  • Wideband Telemetry Transmitters
  • Digital Receivers
  • FSK Receivers
  • Telemetry Receivers
  • Video Receivers
Command Equipment:
  • Command Decoders
  • Command Encoders
  • Command Exciters
  • Command Receiver Decoders
  • Command Receivers
  • Command Transmitter Encoders
  • Command Transmitters
  • Class AB Amplifiers
  • Custom Amplifiers
We can offer complete range of products and services from components to completes Systems and Project base Turnkey Solutions.
Telemetry Products for Telemetry Solutions:
RF & Microwave Systems