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Capacitor charging high voltage power supplies

Series HCK from 2kV to 65kV / 100W to 20kW

The capacitor charging high voltage DC power supplies are designed specifically to the requirements of capacitor charging or capacitor conditioning, i.e. they have a more heavily designed output resistor to withstand a pulsed load and a regulating circuit, optimized for fast switching over between current and voltage regulation and vice versa. In principle, the rectified line voltage drives a square wave generator of fixed frequency, whose AC voltage is transformed, rectified and filtered, producing the output voltage. For regulation, the square wave voltage is pulse width modulated.

Mains connection≤ 800J/s: 230V ±10% 47Hz to 63Hz
≥ 1600J/s: 400V ±10% 47Hz to 63Hz, three-phase
Ambient temperature0°C to +40°C
Charging powerThe specified max. charging power (see table) will be supplied for charging between “0” and the rated voltage. For charging of a partially discharged capacitor a considerably higher charging power, up to the double, can be supplied.
Setting range for the charging voltagefrom approx. 1% to 100%
Setting resolution±1 x 10-4
Reproducibility of the charging voltage with respect to the rated value

for ±10% mains voltage variation:
< ±1 x 10-4

over 8 hours under constant conditions:
< ±1 x 10-3

within the temperature range:
< ±2 x 10-4 / K

for a repetition frequency of < 10Hz:
< ±1 x 10-3

for a repetition frequency of > 10Hz:
< ±1 x 10-2

Repetition frequencymax. 100Hz
Residual ripple of the charging currentapprox. 10%pp (20kHz/40kHz)


  • Efficiency approx. 90%
  • in units of 20kV and higher, the HV-components are moulded in (removable) silicon resin; from 35kV / 5000J/s on, the HV-components are isolated in oil
  • continuous charging or triggered charging via potential free external trigger input selectable (opto-coupler input for 12-24V)
  • charging with adjustable constant current without overshoot
  • voltage and current setting by 10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked
  • suitable for continuous or compensation charging
  • no external protection resistor is required
  • permanent short-circuit proof
  • 4½ digit DVM for charging current and output voltage (for table-top models)
  • pre-selection of the output voltage with display
  • end of charge signal, when the final voltage is reached, via front panel LED and a potential-free interface for signalling to an external control system (opto-coupler output)
  • suitable for capacitive loads with resistive elements
  • the nominal current can be permanently supplied at maximum output voltage
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