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1.Gossen Metrawatt, Germany:- Gossen Metrawatt is a German manufacturer of professional and high-end test and measurement equipment, including multimeters.
Measuring and testing: the guiding principal is the basic need for safety. Questions regarding current, voltage, resistance and energy are essential for the reliable evaluation of electrical processes.
Our products, system solutions and services are conceptualized and developed for the fields of: Electrical Test Technology, Electrical measuring and test technology, Energy management, Measuring transducers, Control technology, Power supply technology, Recording technology and Customer service.
For more details on GMC-I products, Click on the logo of GMC-I. Gossen Metrawatt

2.We are Authorized Indian Distributor of Picoamps GmbH:- Picoamps is a German manufacturer of RF and microwave modules. Picoamps amplifiers offer ultra wide bandwidth from a few kHz up to several GHz, while maintaining low noise figure. Picoamps flexible in house production guarantees short delivery time for standard products. Our design team is capable of creating customer specific solutions using our rapid prototyping design process.
20 years of experience in development and production of ultra broad band RF amplifiers
For Product Overview of Picoamps GmbH, Click on Logo of Picoamps GmbH. Picoamps GmbH

3. Quantum Composers, Inc.:- Quantum Composers is a leading manufacturer of Digital Delay Pulse Generator, Autofocus and Laser Technology. Quantum offers a full suite of pulse generator and laser products designed to meet the needs of any application and have a team of design engineers who specialize in custom and OEM development.
Neuvin Electronics is Authorized Indian Distributor of for Quantum Composers Inc. For more information on Quantum Products, Click on Logo of Quantum Composers, Inc. Quantum Composers, Inc.

4. MicroPower Direct LLC, USA:- MicroPower Direct appoints Neuvin Electronics Autorized Exclusive Distributor for Indian Market, MPD a leading Supplier for Low Cost, High Performance full range of standard, modified, or custom dc/dc converters and Power Supplies.
For more info on MicroPower Direct LLC, USA Click on Logo of MicroPower Direct LLC. Products

5. Abbott Technologies, Inc.:- Neuvin is Autorized Exclusive Distributor for Abbott Technologies, Inc. a leading source for military power supplies, rugged QPL transformers, and high-reliability power systems.
For more info on Abbott Technologies, Inc. Click on Logo of Abbott Technologies, Inc. Products
6.Neuvin is fast growing company with highest customer satisfactions:-