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PowerCable Modbus 101x

Power Cable Modbus 101x

Power Cable Modbus

NETIO PowerCable Modbus 101x is a smart WiFi power socket by NETIO products. The output smart power outlet can be turned on/off over a web interface. The web interface also shows measured electrical values (V, A, kWh, W, Hz, TruePF). PowerCable Modbus 101x supports the industry-standard Modbus/TCP protocol for M2M communication. This protocol makes it possible to measure energy consumption and control the output from PLCs, SCADA systems, smart home applications, and so on.

The manufacturer, NETIO products, offers NETIO PowerCable Modbus 101x in four versions with different electrical outlet and power plug types used in different markets:

  •  PowerCable Modbus 101F DE socket (Type F – Schuko) is used in most of the continental Europe and can be used in Russia.
  •  PowerCable Modbus 101E FR socket (Type E) with an earth pin is needed in France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
  •  PowerCable Modbus 101J CH socket and plug (Type J) for Switzerland.
  •  PowerCable Modbus 101S Universal version usable world-wide with IEC-320 C14 (input) and C13 (output) for 110/230V 50/60Hz.
  • LAN (RJ45): No
  •  WiFi: Yes (internal antenna, 802.11 b/g/n; 2.4GHz)
  •  WiFi Reconnect: Yes
  •  Online demo: No
  •  Web: Built-in web server
  •  Mobile app: No
  •  Mobile app needed for instalation: No
  •  Control button: Yes
  • M2M API protocol: Modbus/TCP
  •  M2M API – HTTP(s): No
  •  M2M API – Cloud: No
  •  Lua support: No
  •  Scheduler function: No
  •  IP WatchDog function: No
  •  Sending emails: No
  •  WiFi AP network mode support: No
  •  Extended security: Yes, IP Filter
  •  Event log: Yes (web)
  •  Power input: The “x” in the “101x” model number specifies the power plug type
  •  Power output: The “x” in the “101x” model number specifies the socket type
  •  Maximum load: 230V / 16A (10A for 101J a 101S)
  •  Voltage: 230V / 50Hz (Model 101S also supports 110V / 60Hz)

Electrical socket types:

  •  PowerCable Modbus 101F  – DE (Type F – Schuko)
  •  PowerCable Modbus 101E  – FR (Type E) – France, Belgium, Czech republic, Poland
  •  PowerCable Modbus 101J  – CH (Type J) – Switzerland
  •  PowerCable Modbus 101S – IEC-320 C13/C14 – 110/230V – 50/60Hz.
  •  Internal consumption: Max 2 W
  • Electrical measurement: Current [A] / Energy [kWh] / Input power [W], TPF (True Power Factor),  Frequency [Hz] / Voltage [V]
  • SPD – surge protection: Yes, type 3
  • IOC (output state independent on FW update): Yes
  • ZCS (zero-current output switching): Yes
  •  Default output state : On / Off / Last state
  • Mechanical characteristics: Plastic housing – 180 x 40 x 30 mm + 2x cable 0,85m
  • Protection: IP3
  • Mechanical
  • mounting: No
  • Sound output: No
  • Temperature range: -10°C to +65°C (for 65°C max. current is 5A)
  • Designed and manufactured: European Union (Czech Republic , Prague)