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Neuvin Electronics in design, manufacturing, and distribution of RF and microwave components, modules and systems covering frequency range from DC to 170 GHz, for commercial, industrial, military and space applications, wide range of products and services in RF & Microwave
  • Amplifiers
  • Transmitters, Receivers and Exciters
  • Up and Down Converters
  • Solid State Power Amplifiers, SSPA, LNA, LNB etc.
  • Waveguides and Resonators
  • Attenuators/Mixers/Shifters/Combiners/Hybrids
  • Isolator/Circulator/Detector
We offer complete range of GPS products and services from GPS Source Inc, USA a engineering and manufacturing company that offers a full line of GPS, GLONASS (GNSS) Signal Distribution Products, GPS Retransmission Products and GPS Signal Design Services.
Our OEM with over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing Space, Airborne and Ground based telemetry products is tested and reliable source for the Aerospace and Defense Industries.
  • Transmitters
  • Receivers
  • Command Equipment
  • Amplifiers Transmitters
  • Receivers
  • Command Equipment
  • Amplifiers
Digital Delay Pulse Generators, Auto Focus & Laser Technology::
Quantum Composers is a leading manufacturer of Digital Delay Pulse Generator, Autofocus and Laser Technology. We offer a full suite of pulse generator and laser products designed to meet the needs of any application and have a team of design engineers who specialize in custom and OEM development.
  • Digital Delay Pulse Generators
  • OEM & Custom Instruments
  • High Current Pulse Generators
  • DPSS Lasers
  • Autofocus Sensors
  • Laser Controllers
  • Laser Modules
Unique Features in RF & Microwave Products & Services
  • Efficient systems planning and designing for military and telecom solutions.
  • Ready to use Systems from renowned manufactures over the world.
  • Installation and Commissioning with value added services from our experts engineers.
  • Component to Systems to Turnkey Solutions for all RF and Microwave Requirements.
  • Providing a cutting-edge Technologies from our OEM partners and our in-house design and development team of RF experts.
For Ultra Wide Bandwidth Amplifier Modules: CLICK HERE To check Ultra Wide Band LNA Ranges