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Electronic ComponentsElectronic ComponentsElectronic Components

Neuvin Electronics is the worlds leading authorized distributor and specialist in offering Hi-Rel Electronic Components. Neuvin is single window solution for all your requirements of quality electronic components.Neuvin's extensive product line and supply chain management have made the company a solution provider of choice for Military, Aerospace, Medical, Raiways and Industrial customers  

Neuvin's extensive Product Line includes: Passive Components,Connectors & Cables, Sensors, Switches & Relays,High Voltage Semiconductors, Optoelectronics & Lighting components. We are Specialist in Obsolesce Management (Obsolete Parts), Hard to find Components, Cross Reference, Unlisted Products.

Neuvin with more than 12 years of experience in the line of electronics components and solutions is preferred suppliers for the Indian customers. The products are are supplied from OEMs with Manufacturers warranty and replacements. manufacturers.

 Neuvin a reliable source of information on latest technology market research to the customers and it includes articles, technical seminars, RoHS, seminars, industry research reports and much more.

Electronic Components