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Neuvin offers a wide range of Products and Services in RF & Microwave domain in collaboration with our world class OEM. The products ranges from RF & Microwave Amplifiers, Transmitters & Receivers for Satellite Coommunications, Solid State Power Amplifiers and Modules. From components to completes Systems and Project base Turnkey Solutions. Read more...
RF & Microwave Systems:
RF & Microwave Systems
Neuvin can provide all products and solutions in RF & Microwave domain
  • Efficient systems planning and designing for military and telecom solutions.
  • Ready to use Systems from renowned manufactures over the world.
  • Installation and Commissioning with value added services from our experts engineers.
  • Component to Systems to Turnkey Solutions for all RF & Microwave Requirements.
  • Providing a cutting-edge Technologies from our OEM partners and our in-house design and development team of RF experts.