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Our Expert Products and Solutions for Military Power Supplies: & CompactPCI Power Supplies:
Neuvin a name to reckon for the need of critical Power Requirements. We Design, Development and Manufacture Power solutions for all your Customized needs. Our Power Solutions are Green and Efficient for life long operation without any hard maintenance. Our Efficient Green Power Products and Solution for Military and Airborne applications are design and manufacturer with taking care of your applications and operation environment conditions.

Customized Power SolutionsCustomized Power Solutions

Neuvin Electronics expertise is custom power supply design and development for special applications where readymade products are not suitable for Military, airborne, Industrial and Medical applications.

 For many applications where a standard product is not available or suitable - we can offer you a tailor made products. Neuvin offers these key benefits for the Customized Power Supply Design and Development:

  • From concept to ready to use power solution within minimum time.
  • No or minimal Nonrecurring Engineering (NRE) charge.
  • Fast turnaround time for prototype development and delivery.
  • Desired certifications and approval as per requirement. 

We have a qualified team for power supply designers with latest power supply design tools and years of experience in customized power solutions. Neuvin's latest and competitive design approaches to prototyping and manufacturing of even small quantity custom power supplies.
Neuvin Electronic Systems and Designs  provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM���s) an alternative option for developing a viable custom power supply solution to fit their particular electrical and mechanical requirements.
We offer free samples and no development charges for already developed designs. The final lead-times may vary from product to product and depending upon your specs and ongoing production load. For too critical requirements MOQ may applies. For any of your query and requirement consult with our sales department sales@neuvin.com