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MA11M Military Grade GPS Amplifier

GPS Amplifier

The MA11M is a military grade device used to strengthen the signal and reach of a GPS device. It is most appropriate in situations where there is a weak signal. The device is designed to work with an external, active antenna and is primarily for use by military applications (both Ground and Air) around the world. The amplifier sits in the path from the antenna to the receiver and is intended to improve the signal amplitude.

Good intermodulation characteristics of the amplifier are important as they help to protect a receiver from interference. GPS receivers may have poor selectivity and be blocked by interference signals.
The MA11M GPS Amplifier is designed with the thin link margins of satellite navigation systems in mind; and covers the GPS, Galileo, GLONASS (1 – 1.7GHz) frequencies. The device features 30dB of gain and excellent gain flatness of less than 1dB.

This device is designed for military applications and environments where high reliability is required.

If you are looking for a GPS amplifier with output level controls to compensate for the effective radiated power (ERP) levels in a system, consider the GLI-ECHO.  The GLI-ECHO also has antenna fault detection.