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GPS Rack Mount Splitter 2 x 16 outputs, Dual Antennas - RMS216

GPS Splitters

The RMS216 allows up to 16 GPS/GNSS synchronization modules and receivers access to the GPS timing signal. It is designed with dual antenna redundancy to keep timing and synchronization modules operating when a GPS antenna or cable fails. An optional dual power supply feature allows two internal power supply units to share the load. If one unit is not available (internally or externally), the other will seamlessly take over without any loss of power*. It is perfect for many wireless applications.

The ability of the splitter to switch antennas allows all connected GPS devices to remain fully functional in the event of an antenna failure, which is so important in a wireless environment. The rackmount is designed to power both antennas at 5VDC.

This rackmount has an internal switch, allowing it to receive and distribute distinct signals from two antennas.  It does not combine the signal from two antennas, which would increase jitter.

GPS Rack Mount Splitters are commonly used by cellular, timing, and test labs utilizing GPS.